The 2023 Santa Fe Indian Market is Almost Here!

Learn more about the 101st Santa Fe Indian Market

The 2023 Santa Fe Indian Market is Almost Here!

The anticipation is building, and the enchanting city of Santa Fe, New Mexico is getting ready to host the 2023 Indian Market. Let’s explore what’s in store for the upcoming market in August, as artists, collectors, and enthusiasts prepare to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Native American artistry and heritage.

The Southwestern Association of American Indian Art’s (SWAIA) annual Indian Market plays a vital role in the preservation and empowerment of indigenous art and artists. By providing a platform for exposure, recognition, and economic opportunities, the market supports artists continued cultural practices and helps sustain their communities. Collectors and art enthusiasts attending the market also contribute to this preservation effort, ensuring that these artistic traditions endure for future generations.

What to Expect:

The Indian Market promises to showcase an unparalleled collection of indigenous artworks, representing a diverse range of Native American cultures and traditions. From intricately woven textiles and breathtaking pottery to captivating jewelry and stunning paintings, the market will be a tapestry of artistic expression, demonstrating the imagination, skill, and cultural richness of the participating artists.

Visitors to the 101st Annual Indian Market can expect an immersive experience, where they can engage directly with the artists and gain a deeper understanding of the stories and inspirations behind each creation. Conversations with the artists provide a unique opportunity to appreciate the cultural significance embedded within the artwork and forge connections that go beyond the boundaries of art itself.

Schedule of Events:

  • Friday, August 18:
    • Best of Show Ceremony + Luncheon
      • This exclusive event celebrates the top award-winning artist of the year. Tickets only.
    • Sneak Peek of Award Winning Art (Membership Only)
      • SWAIA members get a sneak preview of the year's award-winning art.
    • General Preview of Award Winning Art
      • The public's first opportunity to see the Indian Market's 2023 artwork. Tickets only.
  • Saturday, August 19: 
    • 101st Santa Fe Indian Market
      • The event we all have been waiting for! A showcase of traditional & contemporary Native American art. Free to the public.
    • SFIM Gala, Live Auction, and Fashion Show
      • A showcase of innovative indigenous fashion designs, and a live art auction. Tickets only. 
  • Sunday, August 20:
    • 101st Santa Fe Indian Market
      • The event we all have been waiting for! A showcase of traditional & contemporary Native American art. Free to the public.
    • Native American Clothing Contest
      • A market favorite, this contest presents a wide array of traditional regalia and clothing from North American Indigenous Nations.
    • Diamond Seating Experience
      • A luxurious experience with behind-the-scenes access, front row seats, and an exclusive tasting menu by Sazon Restaurant with wine and cocktail pairing.
    • VIP Fashion Show Pre-Party
      • SOLD OUT!
    • Indigenous Fashion Show
      • SWAIA's 2023 Indigenous Fashion Show lineup features seven premier Indigenous designers.
  • Entertainment Lineup:
    • Artificial Red (Rand Kemp)
    • Cloud Eagle (Vera Toya)
    • Charly Lowry
    • Tony Duncan & Family
    • NARF
    • Adrian Wall Trio
    • Lakota John
    • King Island Dancers
    • Red Feather Woman (Red Rose Elk)
    • Sage Cornelius
    • Native Guitars Trio (Jir Anderson)
    • Lightning Boy Foundation

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